The C Class Clutch

•February 8, 2009 • Leave a Comment

So… Andrew and I were sitting around talking about cars. Then we agreed that the MERCEDES-BENZ CLK AMG Black Series is the best car at this momemnt. Suddenly Andrew said, “The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t come in manual.” And then I replied, “You will never see a Mercedes with a clutch, unless it’s something that’s affordable.” Then we looked at each other and said at the same time, “Like the C Class?” And then we laughed. Not only was it funny, it was true. If you ever want to get an E Class with a clutch, you won’t. Check the website, and see if you can find any other Mercedes that’s manual. Even Jadakiss asked in his song, Why, “why they didn’t make the CL6 with a clutch?” Good question Jada, I don’t know why, but the Mercedes engineers might!

We will now go watch the Top Gear episode featuing the CLK AMG Black Series. Peace out.


Here we go again…

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Yums… For the people who has never seen or heard of yums, which you don’t have to, yums is a clothing/shoe line soulja boy came up with. The dumb thing about yums is that they look like fake air force 1’s.

Okay, bapesta’s also look like fake af1’s but Nigo put a twist on the colors, using pastel, and made it Bape’s own exclusive kicks. Soulja boy is one of the most hated celebs wearing bape and he took that to a whole new level. He combined af1’s style and Bapesta’s pastel and made yums. Now it looks like a fake wannabe. If you’re thinking that yums should be cheap, then you are very very wrong. Yums are freaking 85 dollars, that’s the same as a pair of all white af1 lows. Being a sneakerhead and a bape supporter, I couldn’t sit around and watch soulja boy do this.  Soulja boy makes bad songs and he makes even worse shoes. If you want to witness this disaster, you can see them at finishline since yums somehow made it to finishline’s shelves…

If you’re reading this and you’re wearing yums, please contact me so I can come smack you.

Hello Everyone…

•January 27, 2009 • 3 Comments

Ummm I guess… Hello?!!?!!

This is the 419 After Service’s first official post. My name is Scott, one of the two from the 419 A/S. I’m a college kid just trying to graduate…

I figured I was going to start off with a bit of an explanation of what our blog will be about. Basically, we’re going to bit*h a lot. hahaha At least, I will be. There’s no specific topic for us, or anything important. I just like to complain a lot about anything and everything.

For example, I don’t understand people who come to class and sleep all day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going after people who are trying to stay awake but fall asleep. These people just come to class get in position and sleep. If you’re going to miss everything in class and just sleep, why bother to come to class? You can be home and just sleep on your bed, comfortably. Go home…

Yea something like that. That’s just for starters, we have much more bit*hing to come.


Hey! I’m Andrew, the other one of the two from the 419 A/S. I am too just a college youngin’ trying to survive and succeed.

As Scott explained above, our blog is an excuse to b*tch about all sorts of sh*t. Unlike Scott though, I don’t b*tch ALL the time. I like to be somewhat spontaneous so expect the unexpected.

NO B*TCHIN’ THIS TIME because I kind of wanted my first post to be special. I figured that I’d talk about something random that makes my life (and I’m sure yours too) very enjoyable.

Have you ever hung out with some of your closest friends talking about random things that don’t make sense? I’m talking about those pointless conversations that go nowhere for no reason (when you’re usually not drunk off your mind and/or high as a kite). I mean you and/or your friends might have something better to do at the time, like study, go to class, pig out, or talk on the phone with someone special. But for some reason they stick around for that much longer and converse over pointless sh*t. Things like these are easily looked over because people don’t enjoy the plain and simple moments.

My friends and I could be talking about how it would be awesome to take a tray from the dining court and slide down the snow covered roof of our apartment, but only to find out that to land safely, we need to fly through the sun roof and land in a get-away car to escape the 433 villains from stealing our fa nominal homemade spaghetti. Of couse that was just an example but you get the idea. So next time you and your friends come across the stupidest and most pointless conversations that only would be in a Will Farrell movie, enjoy it because the best times are those when you least expect it.